Sustainability Mission to Chile
April 13-23, 2020

Smart City | Green Energy | Transportation

Business Oregon and Prosper Portland have teamed up to lead a group of Oregon companies to Santiago and Valdivia, Chile to meet with local municipalities and private companies interested in learning about Oregon’s technologies in these industries:

  • Air, water, and waste and recycling technologies.
  • Renewable and energy efficiency technologies.
  • Smart Cities – planning, smart building, sensor technologies, and infrastructure.
  • Smart transportation, such as electric vehicles, car-share programs, charging stations, railway and subway systems, e-bikes and e-motorcycles.


  • April 13 - Depart Portland, Oregon for Santiago, Chile.
  • April 14 - Arrive in Santiago.
  • April 15-17 - Government briefings, company presentations, tours, and B2B meetings in Santiago.
  • April 18-19 - Travel to Valdivia.
  • April 20-21 - Meetings in Valdivia (or other according to B2Bs).
  • April 22 - Return to Santiago. Return option 1: fly out in the evening.
  • April 23 - Return option 2: fly out today.

Companies are encouraged to arrange B2B meetings with the US Dept. of Commerce in Chile. Small Business Administration (SBA) grant funding from Business Oregon will help to offset the fee for the service as well as travel costs for the mission. Eligible expenses include: participation fee, airfare (maximum $500), and hotel and food per diem for up to two employees. Grant information can be found at

The following is an estimate of your after-grant cost, saving more than $3,000:

Expense Item Cost After Grant
Airfare per person


Hotel per person $2,970 $1,485
Food Per Diem per person $936 $468
Oregon Mission Fee per company $500 $250
Gold Key Service Fee per company (assuming 2 days for a small-sized business) $1,300 $650
Total: $7,206 $3,853




Contact us for more information:

Business Oregon:
Sunun Setboonsarng  
or Alexa Byers (Non-Portland area)

Prosper Portland:
Pam Neal (Greater Portland)

Valdivia, Southern Chile

Why Chile:

  1. Chile is a strong trading partner with the USA, largely due to its open market policies, zero tariffs, stable government and business practices, and low corruption.
  2. Chilean sources list US FDI stock at over $38 billion, making it the leading investor in Chile.
  3. Energy costs in Chile are very high and energy-saving products and technology are sought after.
  4. Chile has privatized much of its ports, highways, transportation and water supply offering opportunities for exporters.
  5. The US Commercial Service lists renewable energy and environmental technologies as some of the leading sectors.


Register by January 31, 2020

I am interested in registering for this event!

Once we confirm your participation we will issue an invoice for the $500 fee and send a Company Questionnaire for your completion.

Upon receipt of the questionnaire we will work with the US Commercial Service staff will arrange a customized consultation with you by phone to help prepare you for the trip and desired meetings.