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Four Words that Could Change Your Business Forever:
Have You Considered Exporting?

July 28 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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Don’t miss this informative training opportunity for leaders who are interested in exploring new sales channels. Exporting is not as difficult as you might think and offers profitable long-term rewards.

The Riddle of the Exporter ™ virtual event/seminar is sponsored by Business Oregon with the help of OMEP. This action-packed session will share a simple 8-step exporting process for small businesses. Now is the perfect time to consider exporting!


"As the owner of a company that exports over 50% of our sales, I wish I would have heard this presentation 20 years ago!"
David P., Plastronics Inc.


Why should I attend?

Get an overview of The Riddle of the Exporter™ 8 step process, start to finish, covering market entry, legal, compliance, transportation and finance. You will walk away with an entrepreneur’s understanding of what it takes to go global.

The webinar is free and attendance will secure you a discounted cost (of $100) at the extended Riddle of the Exporter™ course, every Wednesday in September (regularly $525). The extended course is five-2 hour sessions with teams, competition, homework and a workbook.

Come and meet the infamous BettySue Export Queen and participate in an interactive, informative export seminar.

Who Should Attend?

  • Manufacturers who want a long-term strategy.
  • Small businesses looking for new sales avenues.
  • New employees of exporting companies (to skill up).
  • Tech start ups who plan to be “born global.”

About the Presenter:

Elyse Eriksson, Creator/Author of The Riddle of the Exporter™ Training & Workbook is a lifelong entrepreneur and has explored a wide range of business ventures. During the majority of her career, Ms. Eriksson was the owner of two manufacturing companies specializing in cement-based products. She also served as the Director of Training at the International Trade Center-Small Business Development Center in Dallas, Texas. Ms. Eriksson holds a B.S. in design, a Masters in Civic Affairs, an M.B.A. in International Mgmt. and obtained her CGBP certification.

As the Managing Director of Export Connector, Ms. Eriksson works with entrepreneurs to enter international markets. She teaches exporting from an entrepreneurial point of view rather than a government point of view. The Riddle of the Exporter™ and BettySue Export Queen have taught entrepreneurs throughout the U.S., Guam, Spain and Puerto Rico.  Elyse and BettySue believe that exporting is exciting because it can change your business forever.

"Global Trade isn't going away. It is only going to get bigger and bigger. Even in the midst of trade wars-somebody, somewhere is always buying something. Get a crash course in key concepts needed to begin and succeed in exporting. It's time to get excited about exporting!"


July 28 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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