Today Business Oregon announced a Futures Commission that will design a 10-year Innovation Plan
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August 27, 2020

Commission Launches to Craft Long Term Innovation Plan for Oregon

Today Business Oregon announced a Futures Commission that will design a 10-year Innovation Plan to help direct the future of innovation policy as part of the state’s economic development strategy. The plan will focus on Oregon’s areas of competitive advantage to drive sustained economic growth. The Futures Commission has 31 members representing industry, academia, philanthropy, and government.

The Commission will be responsible for reviewing Oregon’s existing innovation ecosystem and engaging with innovation stakeholders. The robust stakeholder engagement process will include interviews, surveys, and focus groups. Ultimately the Commission will provide advice on a comprehensive set of policy measures to elevate innovation as an economic development priority, a key to economic recovery and resiliency.

“Oregon’s ability to foster the growth and scalability of innovation-focused businesses will play a huge role in our ability to recover from this economic crisis, and set the stage for long-term prosperity,” said Business Oregon Innovation Manager Kate Sinner. 

Leading the Commission are co-chairs Kanth Gopalpur and Jenn Lynch. Gopalpur is an entrepreneur and angel investor, and currently serves as Chair of the Oregon Business Development Commission. Lynch is Managing Director of Portland Seed Fund and currently serves as Chair of the Oregon Innovation Council. The group has a diverse expertise that encompasses the broad innovation-based economy in Oregon.

Outcomes of the Futures Commission:

  • A Strategic Plan to achieve a long-term, statewide innovation initiative that leverages Oregon’s unique opportunities. The strategy will include a 10-year vision, a rationale for each strategy, and conditions necessary for success.
  • An Innovation Action Road Map, with both short- and long-term recommendations for programs, policies, and initiatives. The actionable road map will recommend timing of actions; the scope, scale, and source of investments; strategies to ensure predictable and adequate funding; the role of partners and stakeholders; and evaluation tactics.
  • This plan will capitalize on Oregon’s competitive strengths to ensure economic resiliency and growth and will position Oregon to:
    • Support our companies’ ability to grow and scale in Oregon which will help diversify the state’s economy
    • Create good, high-paying jobs by focusing on traded sectors with strong, global market potential
    • Increase per capita personal income and improve the quality of life for all Oregonians

The Commission meets for the first time August 28th. More information available here, including a list of members.

Media Contact: Nathan Buehler, 503-689-3559.


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